I’m not usually one of those people with a go-to brand for all my fashion needs and wants, mainly because I don’t really keep to a certain style… Somehow it seems a lot easier to mix up my wardrobe with weird and wonderful pieces that I can pull out to match my mood, instead of sticking with a specific ‘look’.

However, if I had to pick a favourite fashion brand, my prize would definitely go to Zara. Over the past few years they’ve seriously stepped up their game to become one of the most respected high street labels in the UK. Not only do their clothes look like the kind of items you drool over on Net-A-Porter, but their prices have remained so reasonable there’s almost no excuse for every working women to not dress super sophisticated while secretly keeping to their shopping budget.

Zara‘s website is beautifully designed, again on a level with high-end e-tailers, and the product images are cool and quirky adding even more appeal to their latest designs. The selection of patterned trousers has become my latest obsession; from crocodile to cheques, and  bold floral prints, there is literally a pair to suit every person. They add a cool twist to any casual outfit paired with a big knit and flats, or offer a bit more excitement than the more traditional tailored trouser for a work or evening look.

Either way they’re a winner, and to top it off they’re almost guaranteed to get you a compliment. Trust me, it’s been tried and tested. People love print apparently.

Printed Trousers With Zip
Printed trousers with zip £35.99
Checked Trousers With Zips
Check trousers with zip £39.99
Crocodile Print Trousers
Crocodile print trousers £29.99
Printed Trousers
Printed trousers £59.99

Which is your favourite… the diagonal print, checks, crocodile, or floral? Remember you can always shop the patterned trouser trend by clicking on an image and seeing what alternative you can find with Snap Fashion’s visual search.

This is a big day at Snap Fashion HQ as we proudly announce the release of our second fashion app, Snap ColourPop – the app that lets women shop for clothes and shoes in any colour they Snap.

I think you guys are going to really like this one!

photo 1The app uses visual search technology to match the colour you’ve Snapped to all the clothes and shoes in that exact shade, showing the latest collections from over 150 top UK brands in seconds. I know it might sound complicated, but you’ll be glad to hear that it’s not at all. Our clever little app makes it so simple in fact that all you have to do is open the app, point your camera at the colour that’s caught your eye, and take a picture.

So when you need to find the shoes that perfectly match your dress, or are rushing to put together a last-minute outfit for an event, the ColourPop app will literally do all the hard work for you, ensuring that you find what you like and need in seconds, as opposed to hours or even days!

ColourPop Process
Curious to see the shoes and clothes that match our favourite Cambridge Satchel colour
iPhone4 Results Skirts
Beautiful burgundy Miu Miu skirt, the perfect shade for autumn wear
ColourPop Result
Cute Atterley Road shift dress
iPhone4 Scroll Down Results
To see all the other category results on your app… just carry on scrolling down

It’s a pretty fun way of shopping too, which we quickly realised in the run up to its launch, playing around on the prototype app to find all the dresses in banana yellow, Christmas jumpers in Coca Cola red, and winter knits in deep browns and oranges Snapped from the autumn leaves.

Basically the app lets you take fashion inspiration from anything, anywhere.

Of course, it’s still got all the good bits from Snap Fashion such as our handy Sales Tracker, which sends you a notification as soon as something in your Wishlist drops in price. Handy for those times when you need a bit of consideration time, or have your eye on something a little over budget..

Snap ColourPop may only be available for the iPhone, but Android users, please don’t feel left out! From midday today, we are also launching a new feature on the Snap Fashion website, which uses exactly the same colour match technology to browse catalogues from all of our featured retailers, including Topshop, Net-A-Porter, Office, Kurt Geiger, New Look, and loads of others. We’re also launching Snap ColourPop for Android first thing next year, so remember to look out for it in January when you’re feeling the need to brighten up your winter wardrobe.

We kind of wanted to ‘jazz up’ the online shopping experience, so you can visit our Browse section and have fun shopping with our cool little colour wheel. It lets you search tons of colours in an array of different shades, finding all the colour match results, which you can organise by the category of clothing you’re after, your favourite brands, or personal budget.

Anyway, download it, have a go on it, Snap some colours and let us know what you think. We hope you like it!

photo 1
Hmmm I wonder what you get from a satsuma Snap..
photo 3
Voila…satsuma coloured trousers, as well as satsuma coloured everything else!