Feel like your forever loosing, misplacing or simply forgetting where you last left your wallet? Well don’t worry guys we have found you a better replacement… one you aren’t going to lose again.

Let us introduce you to MIJLO’s smart wallet – a traditional pocket dweller which has a built-in, unobtrusive sensor, allowing you to track where you last left your wallet.

Simply download “Where’s Wallet” app and link your smartphone to the pocket dweller. The clever app also allows you to set a notification that will beep, should you ever wander off without it. Genius right?!


Starting from as little as £33 you now have no excuse to lose your wallet again!

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Learn a language_Ed at airport, off to Mexico to do his  speech

The groom’s speech at a wedding comes with many challenges; balancing the jokes, quirky anecdotes and grand gestures of love, and all to be delivered in front of the most important people in your life. That pressure wasn’t quite enough for Ed, a 28 year-old accountant from London.

In the ultimate declaration of love, Ed made a resolution this year to deliver his speech in his fiancé – Mariana’s native Spanish. The only problem was that Ed didn’t speak a word of Spanish. With the wedding fast approaching Ed knew time was running out…

Microsoft Lumia had discovered that, like Ed, 36% of people around the globe would have also loved to “learn something new” as their 2014 resolution*. So when Ed submitted his resolution to Microsoft Lumia as part of the #MakeItHappen campaign, they came straight to his rescue.


Ed’s pursuit to learn Spanish is one of the 31 resolutions that Microsoft Lumia is helping to make a reality in the 31 days of December. Follow the incredible stories of the resolutions fulfilled around the globe so far, and post your own resolution to see if Microsoft Lumia can help you to #MakeItHappen here

Smart watches have been labeled the product of the future and are thought to take over the need for the sacred mobile. However until now the complicated, underwhelming and bulky designs have meant that there has not been a huge hype around these smart watches. But despite this slow start it seems Android are leading the pack and may have changed the face of things. (Literally!)

Thanks to the new Watch Face section which has been added to the Google Play store, Android has now been able to bring customisation and life to their wrists of their wearers. This has unlocked a whole new world and endless possibilities for the face of watches. Ranging from video game tributes, to designer screens, meaning your watch will never go out of fashion!

Although options may be looking a little sparse at this current time, plenty of slick new designs will soon be coming your way, so be sure to have a regular cheeky peek to make sure you don’t miss out!

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We’ve all come across some kind of wearable tech, but let’s face it, there’s never been anything we’d actually consider wearing, until now.

Let Snap Fashion introduce you to the QBracelet, promising your arm candy and a fully charged phone battery while on the go.



The bracelet comes in black, silver and gold. Meaning you have a Q-Bracelet for every outfit and mood.


Release date TBC. Trust us, it’s sure worth the wait!




When the recession first hit, it was hard to find a magazine that did not suggest cutting down on take-away coffees and hosting a swishing party (where you swap clothes with friends) to save money. And seeing as everyone is still strapped for cash it’s still a big trend.

ClosetSwap.co.uk lets friends swap clothes with its 4-step process. Once signed up, you gather the clothes that you don’t want anymore, upload them into your online ‘closet’, then add friends. The idea is that they do the same and you can therefore borrow, lend and swap clothes with each other – that’s the 4th step!

There is an app ‘coming soon’ and geo-location features to find local shops and organise a fashion/swishing party.

With the recession technically over but the economy remaining in dire straits (although you wouldn’t know it to look at Versace for H&M hauls!) it seems that clothes swap parties will continue being popular and this app seems a pretty good idea!

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