With 3 days to go until Valentines Day it’s time to start thinking about that all important outfit ladies! From a fashion perspective, we can all agree that Valentines Day can get tacky. But with the help of the Snap Fashion team that will not be a problem for your outfit.

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Learn a language_Ed at airport, off to Mexico to do his  speech

The groom’s speech at a wedding comes with many challenges; balancing the jokes, quirky anecdotes and grand gestures of love, and all to be delivered in front of the most important people in your life. That pressure wasn’t quite enough for Ed, a 28 year-old accountant from London.

In the ultimate declaration of love, Ed made a resolution this year to deliver his speech in his fiancé – Mariana’s native Spanish. The only problem was that Ed didn’t speak a word of Spanish. With the wedding fast approaching Ed knew time was running out…

Microsoft Lumia had discovered that, like Ed, 36% of people around the globe would have also loved to “learn something new” as their 2014 resolution*. So when Ed submitted his resolution to Microsoft Lumia as part of the #MakeItHappen campaign, they came straight to his rescue.


Ed’s pursuit to learn Spanish is one of the 31 resolutions that Microsoft Lumia is helping to make a reality in the 31 days of December. Follow the incredible stories of the resolutions fulfilled around the globe so far, and post your own resolution to see if Microsoft Lumia can help you to #MakeItHappen here

Nuala Gorham started her beautiful blog Penny and Polaroids, a visual journal of her personal style, fashion and beauty from her home country of Irlend. Her recent visit to London has not only given us a reminder of how lucky we to live in such a beautiful city but also a few hip hideouts that even the locals may not have spotted.

Read what happened when Snap caught up with the girl behind the lens….


So you have just arrived to London, business or pleasure?

Business, it’s always business in London! I’m over for the Primark
Spring 15 press preview which I attended earlier today, while I love Winter and London has such an amazing Christmas vibe at the moment, I loved the escapism of viewing all the beautiful Spring pieces. Primark has a very impressive collection in store for us all.

Tell us what’s in your suitcase for a December break in London… 

A Primark black wool and leather-look coat and a huge grey faux fur collar. I also have an oversized roll neck knit, brown leather trousers, my Michael Kors bag and over the knee boots. I’ve also brought New Balance for travelling.

Where’s your favourite place to stay? 

I was very spoilt on this particular trip as I’m staying in Hotel Café Royal which is utterly beautiful. Regent Street is my favourite street in London, I adore the architecture and you really get to experience the hustle and bustle of London here. The hotel has a very Christmas feel at the moment, it’s very warm and cosy- the perfect haven from the busy and cold streets.

What’s the one thing you have to do in London every time before leaving.. 

I’m obsessed with Pret a Manager’s Falafel wrap so I’ll always grab one when I’m on the go! Fashion week is always so busy so I don’t get to enjoy a really lovely meal always, it’s always grab and go for lunch time so now I feel like I always need to stop by there. I also make sure to have one really nice meal out with drinks as there are so many amazing restaurants here.


Favourite place to shop when in London… 

& Other Stories, We don’t have it in Ireland so I always try and make a quick stop off there. I also love the Topshop on Oxford street and Zara Home – even though I never the space in my luggage to bring things home!

Cab, Walk, Or London Transport kind of girl? 

If I can walk at all I usually will. This year for fashion weeks we walked pretty much everywhere which was really lovely because you see so much more. Strand, where LFW is based, is such a beautiful area. This trip however was very busy and not everywhere was nearby so I took cabs everywhere, I try and avoid the underground if I can.

Favourite building in London…

There are so many to choose from. I love the Big Ben and that whole area is really beautiful. I would have loved to visit the ice skating rink at Somerset House on this trip but sadly there wasn’t time, I’d imagine it’s amazing!

And when are you visiting us next? We’re guessing your going to be back for LFW? 

Of course! I’ll be back in February for Fashion Week I’m sure if not before then. I have a list of places I want to go to and dine in, I’ve not yet had the time to visit the Covent Gardens so that’s on my list for my next trip (and to visit Ladurée there!)


Visit Penny’s blog here

Or follow her fashionable journey on Instagram @NUALAGORHAM


I think already we have found our favourite and most romantic moment of Milan Fashion Week: when Stefano Gabbana wrote an open love letter to his business partner, and ex-lover, Domenico Dolce.

Despite their 20-year relationship having come to an end many years ago, the pair have clearly reminded close: so close that Gabbana wanted to share his love with the whole wide world.

Here at Snap Fashion we are total suckers for a bit of romance, because of this we thought we could share the letter in full to our blog readers and app users, prepare to weep..


Dear Domenico,

I have never wrote you a letter. Maybe because there was never a need for many words between you and I. We always understood each other with a look. This is the first time I write to you and, I have to confess, it all seems strange to me.

During interviews, the sentences we exchange chase quickly, like a game of ping pong: I begin a speech and you end it, you have not even finished to express a thought that I interrupt you, reply and I finish your earlier idea.

Everything is different with a pen and a piece of paper, the words are more difficult, they have a deeper value that will forever remain unique, such as, it was and will always be you for me.

We have created together Dolce&Gabbana from scratch and with the strength of our love we have achieved everything we have. Supporting each other, we managed to overcome many difficulties and prejudice.

Even today, thanks to that feeling that binds us inextricably to each other, we will continue to face the happiness and the sorrows that life reserve to us. You are my family. Many years have passed since I first heard your voice on the other end of the phone, everything has changed and yet nothing has changed. The love that I felt then, has only been transformed, and it continues to give me so many beautiful feelings.

You are and you will always be unique in my life, so as the letter I am writing to you.

I love you,

Being a woman in today’s image-based culture makes for a ton of things to worry about. Besides perfecting our selfie and trying to find the perfect pair of jeans there are some other universal concerns we all face. Which blusher shade is right for my skin tone? How do you get Cara Delevinge eyebrows? Which shampoos won’t dry out hair? Will that mascara actually give my eyelashes more volume? We need to know.

And not only is the search for the best beauty products exhausting, once you get them, you then have to learn how to apply them, how much you need, which ones will work best for you, etc. Everyone appreciates a little help in these areas. So, what’s an under-informed girl to do – head to a beauty blog. And that’s why we at Snap Fashion have compiled a Top 10 list of Beauty Bloggers just for you, enjoy!


London Beauty Queen

Starting off in the cosmetics industry as a brand manager, Hayley soon began blogging about all things beauty from an insider’s perspective – what does the product really do and is it worth the money? Her unique tone of voice and outlook enabled her to find her place in the blogging world, being nominated for a Cosmopolitan Blog Award within four months of launching London Beauty Queen. She has since won the P&G Beauty and Grooming Award for best beauty blog in 2013, been named The Rodial Beautiful Award’s best blog in 2012, judged the British Hairdressing Awards, Debenhams and Tesco Beauty Awards, appeared as Harrod’s blog of the week and written for publications such as Company and Tesco magazine. Hayley turned her passion into a career, working as a social media manager and strategist with some of the UK’s most recognised brands, and has now established LBQ Consultancy Services to offer social media and strategy advice to brands, bloggers and publications.

Visit her blog here

British Beauty Blogger

Having worked within the beauty industry for fifteen years, its fair to say that Jane Cunningham lives and breathes the beauty world. Jane is at her happiest when she is uncovering new beauty products, making existing beauty better and breathing lift into creative beauty pathways. Jane also works within the beauty social media sphere offering advice, creativity and guidance on how to get the balance right. On britishbeautyblogger.com you will find a showcase of the best beauty products Jane has come across on the market. Her no hold barred point of view on products is truthfully refreshing. All hail the British Beauty Blogger.

Visit her blog here

london beauty queen

Pixi Woo

… Otherwise known, as Sam Chapman is the oldest of four siblings. As a qualified makeup artist Sam decided to launch her first makeup tutorial in October 2008 when she was heavily pregnant (and a little bit bored) Not knowing a thing about Youtube Sam launched Pixi Woo with an open mind and a sense of adventure. 6 years later Sam now owns a extremely successful Youtube channel and a free digital makeup magazine (two-magazine.com)

View her blog here

The Strawberry Blonde Beauty

…  Otherwise known as Nic is a writer, blogger and freelance social media adviser – In other words, wonder woman. Nic shares her passion for luxury and natural beauty products with regular reviews, musings and tips on makeup, skincare, perfume and hair.

Visit her blog here

Dizzy Brunette

Corrie is a self-proclaimed dizzy brunette who loves all things beauty, make up, skincare and big hair. Corrie blogs within her spare time, creating beauty, fashion and lifestyle content for her little space on the internet (dizzybrunette3.com) Having won Highly Commended Established Beauty Blog in 2013 Cosmo Blog Awards its fair to say , Corrie isn’t so dizzy when it comes to all things beauty.

Visit her blog here