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Absolutely Fabulous

  1. Sweetie darling, sweetie

    Here at Snap Fashion we are sweet fiends – whether it’s flying saucers, Percy Pigs or fizzy laces we love them all. And now we can take our sugary obsession a step further as there are so many sweet-themed fashion items on the high street at the moment. While we’re enjoying such fabulous weather in… More

  2. Get a piece of Ab Fab Patsy Stone’s wardrobe!

    Patsy Stone is one of our favourite characters ever and the Snap Fashion team has watched every episode of Absolutely Fabulous ever. So we are definitely interested in snapping up a piece of the bolly-swigging, chain-smoking, friend-abusing fictional fashion editor’s wardrobe, which goes to auction tomorrow on 13 November. Joanna Lumley, who (of course!) plays Patsy… More

  3. Kate Moss is Absolutely Fabulous

    We are possibly the biggest Absolutely Fabulous fans at Snap Fashion. So we are naturally far too excited about Kate Moss’ cameo in the Sports Relief Ab Fab special. (PLEEEEEASE can we have a new series?) But Kate is not the only cameo- Stella McCartney and David Gandy join the fray and will no doubt… More

  4. Joanna Lumley (Patsy Stone) on mutton dressed as lamb

    We LOVE Absolutely Fabulous (and have definitely met a Patsy Stone or two) so are more than a little excited about the forthcoming episodes (Christmas, New Year’s and an Olympics special). We’ve always wondered just how much ‘Patsy’ is in Joanna Lumley and it seems the answer is, a little. Although Joanna is no wino… More