Smart watches have been labeled the product of the future and are thought to take over the need for the sacred mobile. However until now the complicated, underwhelming and bulky designs have meant that there has not been a huge hype around these smart watches. But despite this slow start it seems Android are leading the pack and may have changed the face of things. (Literally!)

Thanks to the new Watch Face section which has been added to the Google Play store, Android has now been able to bring customisation and life to their wrists of their wearers. This has unlocked a whole new world and endless possibilities for the face of watches. Ranging from video game tributes, to designer screens, meaning your watch will never go out of fashion!

Although options may be looking a little sparse at this current time, plenty of slick new designs will soon be coming your way, so be sure to have a regular cheeky peek to make sure you don’t miss out!

Check out Snaps favourites below:





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