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New shoe rules: Put on some mules

Book your pedicure now because mules are back.

Yes, those shoes that are tricky to walk in and showcase cracked heels like no other have made a return, along with everything else  from the nineties.

Alexander Wang's amazing mules. £485 from Net-a-Porter

Alexander Wang’s amazing mules. £485 from Net-a-Porter

For those of us who embraced them the first time around, it might be hard to step out in a pair of mules without worrying that you’re emulating a Spice Girl – or about to break your ankle – but Alexander Wang’s phenomenal designs have changed my mind.

If someone told me that I’d be lusting after a pair of white patent mules so many years after the Spice Girls I wouldn’t have believed them and yet here I am trying to get my hands on a pair – or at least a pair of mules that look almost as good.

They’re delicate but structural and I love the way the strap loops over the back of the heel. They look just a little bit dishevelled but also crisp and pristine. I love them. Enough to forgive the mule for injuries past.

Those straps

Those straps

Want. Need. Even thought they will almost certainly hurt.

Want. Need. Even thought they will almost certainly hurt.


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