Although London Fashion Week continues to keep everyone busy for another couple of days we thought we’d updated you with a few of our personal highlights so far…

1. Cut-out backs

Felder Felder definitely showed us which bit of a dress should be cut out to reveal the most flattering flash of skin on a woman… the back. The sibling designers kept their silhouettes simple and their colours fairly neutral, but when the models walked away from the photographers and flashing lights, it was the backs of their outfits that we found the most captivating.




2. Playful prints and face lace

Lulu Liu’s show transitioned from fresh white outerwear, through warm winter colour blocking, and a range of playful prints, keeping us fully entertained from start to finish.


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The models were also decorated with some rather exquisite face lace designed and provided by Phyllis Cohen that saw the models achieve both a futuristic and elegant appearance. The ornate make up designs are made ready to peel off and apply, which means anyone can accomplish an instant and dramatic effect without the worry of your make up art fading or smudging.


3. Super sandals

Lulu Liu has made it into two of our top moments as a result of her range of leather and wood platform sandals that the models were walking in. The shoes looked wearable (even comfortable) and seemed to pair easily with pretty much any of the looks going down the runway. We get the feeling they’ll be a go-to shoe for adding instant cool to any outfit, whether you’re working tights, socks, or bare legs next autumn/winter.



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4. Frills equal a full house

John Rocha’s show on Saturday was impressively packed with a room full of fashion followers. The models were wearing ultra-feminine dresses with frills to spare. Some were more toned down with doc martin style shoes and gothic make up, while others were swamped with flowing headpieces that gave them the appearance of art drifting down the runway.





5. Not for the fashion…

John Rocha definitely won our award for the happiest designer to take to the runway. Following his show, Rocha bounced alongside a rather steely-looking model, smiling from ear to ear. We fully approve of his enthusiasm and overall excitement about this years AW show.


Lulu Liu kept the crowd content in the run up to her show by allowing her super cute son to have a go on the runway. Whether she was aware he was trying to steal the limelight is unclear (obviously she was stuck managing behind-the-scenes madness and getting models prepped), but we don’t think it caused any offence as the FROW were seen to be swooning over little Liu.


6. Trends from the FROW

Our favourite trend taken from the FROW so far was the selection of pink hats that we spotted. From beanies to wide brim fedora’s and pastel pinks to vibrant fuschia – they all looked fun, feminine, and added a touch of happiness to our grey weather of winter!


Best bag has to go to the leather back pack we spotted when queing for one of the shows. It’s perfect for carrying a good supply of fashion week needs (heels, flats, make up etc) and looked chic with the leather plaits and tassel detail.

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