I can’t decide whether I feel sorry for Kate Moss – fast approaching 40, the woman’s age has become the talking point for fashion and tabloid press – or whether I’m overwhelmed with jealousy – it’s just the level of curiosity about how she can possibly still look so good!

Either way, she’s getting older (as nature would have it), she still looks stunning (the bit where she seems to defy nature…) and she’s still got the party personality and same British charm (or not charm) that makes her seem like a real person (as opposed to the crazy famous celebrity supermodel that she is).

Kate Moss has been a familiar face since the 90s and definitely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The fact she’s modelling in Playboy this month, which appears to be some kind of big joint birthday bash (the magazine turns 60 the same month Kate celebrates her 40th), is both hilarious and hugely impressive. Yes she still looks good (better than probably all other 40 year old females out there), but we’re not as shocked as everyone else seems to be. Have a little faith people, and also a little sense… Supermodels should be expected to age better than the rest of us, and I think we’ll be trying to dress like her, look like her, and party like her for some time still. The more important question is which cover will she be on for her fiftieth. Any guesses..?

Happy Birthday to you both..!
Playboy 60yrs Jan:Feb
Kate poses for her piece in Playboy
Kate Moss 2014 Playboy
Yup, she’s still got it!
Look out for more Kate-inpired cool clothes and crazy high st shoppers
It’s all about Moss for Topshop this April…
Kate Moss Prada
Kate can carry off every lbd under the sun, but this Prada look is one we especially love!

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