I wanted to share some of the Snaps we’ve covered on instagram over the last couple of months that have received the most instalove.

My little compilation includes the outfits that caught our attention, the trends we’re loving, and the streetstyle pics we’ve seen and needed to Snap (aka the Snapstagram).

Obviously streetstyle instas are taking off in a big way, with people posting their personal styles and unique takes on the latest trends all over the photo-sharing social network. Nothing is more addictive than scrolling through endless photos of different outfits from around the world and mentally picking out the pieces you want to have in your wardrobe.

Snap Fashion definitely comes in handy for those streetstyle pics that inspire and tempt you enough to hunt down a look just like it. In fact it’s more than handy, since you can use the app or website to find all the similar items available, comparing pieces from over 170 top retailers, and discovering the outfits that you’ve been inspired by in seconds.

All you need is a seriously cool instagram pic for a bit of fashion inspiration, the free Snap Fashion app (or website if you’re an android user), and voila.. you too can enter the world of Snapstagram – the more fun, but definitely dangerous, shoppable instagram.

17 Sep Lookbook copy

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2 Oct LB copy Oct 3 LB copyScreen Shot 2013-11-05 at 13.02.45Follow us @snapfashion on instagram to view the latest snapstagrams and streetstyle looks we love 


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