I find it hard to separate Clarks shoes from memories of drab black school moccasins but a designer collaboration out on 1 March might just change all of that.

Sensible Clarks has teamed out with Brit/Japanese designers Eley Kishimoto to produce a seriously covetable collection of summery shoes featuring the pair’s distinctive geometric print fabric. It features platform wedges, cute mid heel courts and iconic Clarks desert boots and prices range from a manageable £69 to £89.

That’s not a bad deal for some statementshoes by designers who have worked with the likes of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen now is it? You can also justify your shoe splurge as they will go perfectly with this season’s geometric print/sixties style monochrome trends and come in graphic boxes, so you can claim that you got a pretty storage solution for free too. Ta-dah! Conscience cleared.

Too cool for school!
A flavour of the duo’s current collection



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