We’ve had an incredible year with the launch of www.snapfashion.co.uk and our app as well as winning several awards and appearing in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The Guardian and more.

In all our wildest dreams we didn’t imagine that we would be going to swanky parties, fashion shows, visiting New York and would receive so many kind words from our peers, journalists and people we really admire.

And now, just before the close of an astounding 2012, we have appeared in The Sunday Times’ Style magazine and Grazia – a perfect Christmas gift!

Belinda Parmar, author of Little Miss Geek who also writes for Grazia, picked us as one of her top fashion apps to download for 2013. We’re in seriously good company (and we’ve downloaded a couple of the other apps featured) and super chuffed to be chosen *swoon* as one of the ‘10 hot stories’ too!

Read all about it in Grazia!

We also made the cut for The Sunday Times’ ‘What’s up for 2013’ feature in Style magazine and never  dared to imagine that we might be mentioned in the same article as David Bowie, Google, South Park and ‘wantologists’ – you have to read the whole article! Our favourite quote from the piece is: “Snap Fashion will change the way we shop.”  We certainly hope so…give it a go! x

We’re on the first page *squeal!!!*


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