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Markus Lupfer for Whistles

OMG Whistles has gone collaboration crazy! If you didn’t fall for their sweet new jewellery collab with Lulu Frost, which was kind-of classic, you might go crazy for their Markus Lupfer mash-up. (He’s just joined up wiith ASOS too you know)

It’s predictably playful and features an array of accessories including make-up bags, PJs, Totes, iPhone cases and seasonal favourites- gloves, hats, scarves and the cutest doggie patterned jumper in super soft cashmere.

We particularly like the bobble hat and PJs – great Christmas presents!

Brrr…illiant! £55

Perfect but pricey PJs. Top £125 + bottoms £95

Awesome (and literatal) gloves £45


Written by sarah

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