Christmas party season is just around the corner and it can be tough to find the perfect dress…ok, that’s a lie, you can use (try it!)…but what if you need lots of different outfits and have a limited budget, why not  consider renting a show-stopping frock.

Girl Meets Dress is an awesome service that lets you do just that, or to use its tagline…“we buy the hottest dresses so you don’t have to,” sooo handy! This has lots of benefits: you can wear the hottest styles, try out new trends, pick celebrity favourites and make like you’re on the red carpet and all without taking up masses of room in your wardrobe and spending oodles of money.

Girl Meets Dress is our Discovery Monday!

So, the idea is that you borrow a dress, picking from around 800 designs by 150 designers. Rental prices range from £29 to £249 for 2 nights, you party the night away in your perfect borrowed dress then post it back to Girl Meets Dress using their pre-paid service.

Handy extras include being able to order dresses weeks and months in advance, a handy trend guide, advice from stylists and even refunds for dresses that don’t fit properly. So if you fancy dancing the night away in Marc Jacobs, Herve Leger, Roland Mouret or Halson Herritage to name but a few brands, check out and keep checking our blog as we just might have a kick-ass competition coming your way soon!

Trends to try!

Here’s our top three rentals of dresses we’ve seen on the catwalk and really wanted to twirl around in (or in the case of Proenza Schouler…STRUT!)

Awesome dresses by Christopher Kane, Versus and Proenza Schouler

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