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Gossip Girl: Latest pics + inspiration from Series 5

Is anyone else super happy to have Gossip Girl back on our screens? Here at Snap Fashion HQ we’re die-hard fans and while we’re loving the series on air at the moment, we can’t help looking ahead and spotting what Blair and Serena (obviously Leighton Meester and Blake Lively are wearing filming the next series).

We particularly like seeing what they’re wearing off-duty between takes! Are you on Team Blair or team Serena?

We think this is a DVF jacket - love the colour!

We like Blair's less-preppy new style - shift dress inspiration!

We've gone gaga for this citrus outfit before!

And Leighton off-duty - we like the classic coat

Blake off duty (with pom poms!)

On-trend floppy hat makes for a great disguise

A classic Serena look - blush and boho

Oh what I'd do for that bag!

Super summery look

My fav outfit to be seen on Series 5 so far!

Pics from: Marie Claire + The DM.

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