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photo-2What inspired you to be healthy and start a fitness blog?

Having a dad as a doctor and having spent a large proportion of my education being active in a variety of sports, it was quite a shock when I moved to London and discovered that along with work and having a social life, health took a backseat. Quite simply, there wasn’t time.

Food, fitness and furballs motivate me to get fit. Plus, I have an adorable second hand cat who I feel the world needs to know about. By writing about what I was eating and doing, I hoped it would inspire me (and others) to get moving and think about their health.

And then in 2013 my world became a little hectic – my mum was formally diagnosed with dementia and I was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia. Whilst before, I was fitting in fitness and experimenting with different foods, suddenly health wasn’t an option, it was essential. When you wake up and your world is different you spend a lot of time wondering what you did wrong. I spent a lot of time wondering if there was anything mum could have done to prevent her condition, whether I would get it and why I got cancer.

Looking around at peers, colleagues and friends, it was apparent that health was something you ‘fitted in’, especially in London where people seem to live at a higher level of intensity. That’s why Healthy Living London was started; a collaboration with other like-minded individuals to reconstruct the way people think about health, fitness and nutrition.

What would you say is the most important advice for someone trying to change their diet and workout habits?

Make sure you’re surrounded by people who support what you’re trying to achieve. There’s nothing worse than being tempted into a bowl of fries by your friends or other half when you were set on having a salad for lunch. My friends and I have a monthly fitness challenge – currently we’re using the Nike Run app and we’ve set ourselves 60k each in 30 days.

What is your favourite guilty pleasure snack?

What a question! The latest guilty pleasure is Yao Yao Cha’s Bubble Teas – they have chewy tapioca balls in the bottom and I’m slowly working my way through all their flavours. Aside from that, I am in love with homemade raw chocolate balls.

Out of the cooking courses you have taken, which is your favourite?

L’Atelier des Chefs Steak class. Steak is one of those dishes that requires a fine balance of seasoning and cooking – plus, it’s my fiance’s favourite dish so I thought I should perfect it. I’m also keen to attend a raw food course – I’m such a lazy cook that not having to use an oven sounds amazing.

What are some of your favourite, healthy restaurants to go out to in London?

There are lots of interesting raw food, vegan and vegetarian restaurants in London but people often make the mistake of thinking that everything they serve is uber healthy. You can get reasonably healthy food in places like Pret – the important thing is to choose healthy which you can always do, regardless of which restaurant you visit.

I do have a big soft spot for Tibits, in Heddon Place – it’s a self-serve ‘pay by weight’ buffet which clearly displays what foods are gluten-free, vegan, contain soya etc. And it’s unusual in that it disregards the hippy, purple-wearing feel that so many vegan and vegetarian restaurants love.

01What do you typically wear when working out? Do you have a favourite athletic brand?

My staples are a Shock Absorber bra, skins and a vest top. My fiancé often buys me Sweaty Betty or Lululemon tops on birthdays which I love. There’s also lots of new and exciting sportswear brands that have recently launched – more things to shop for!

Do you prefer creating your own workouts or participating in a class?

Tough question! It depends what I’m working towards – if I’m training for an obstacle course then I will create my own workouts as it needs such a variety of muscles. Classes are lots of fun though and there are some that work better in a group, such as boxing.

What is your favourite fitness activity to do with a group?

Boxing or joint circuits. It’s great seeing people pounding pads – especially women – it’s such a release from everyday stresses. As for joint circuits, I love that everyone motivates each other and best of all when there are exercises that you need someone else to do properly, such as high-five planks.

When you’re having a tough day, what is your go-to motivation to get you though a workout?

The thought that no matter how rubbish I feel now, it’s guaranteed I’ll feel better if I get outside and do something, even if it’s just for a quick run round the park. Just getting your heart racing helps – sometimes I’ll do a set of press-ups and sit-ups – it’s better than nothing and it’s great for clearing your head and re-energising your body.


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By Taylor Hanson

Edited by Rosalind Shimmen


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